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The "Irish Eye," its corona set to the colors of the Irish flag, looks longingly from Ireland to the Irish Diaspora, casting its watchful gaze over Irish men and women scattered all over the world.   The [...]

Blog4: The Dorgan “Kids” 2005

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Ed, Bill, Joanne and Donna Dorgan: 2005 This photo was taken in the summer of 2005 at the home of Mike and Joanne Dooley in Smithfield, Rhode Island. I was living at Fort Lauderdale, Florida at [...]

Blog3: The-Maguire-Family

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The Maguire family: L to R: Carol Maguire-Winthrow. Michael Joseph Maguire. Patricia Maguire. Daniel John Maguire. Francis Maguire. Ann Maguire-Morgan.

Blog2: William J. Dorgan, Sr.

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William J. Dorgan, Sr. and William J. Dorgan III. This photo was taken on 17 August 1969 at the General Hospital of Rhode Island by my cousin, Thomas A. Dorgan, Jr. My grandfather was 72 and [...]

Blog1: The Church of St. Colmcille, Churchtown South, East County Cork, Ireland

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The Church of St. Colmcille, Churchtown South, East County Cork, Ireland. Churchtown (Ballintemple in Irish) is one of three churches of the Parish of Cloyne in East County Cork: Parish Church: St. Colman in Cloyne, [...]

May 2005

1. Click on the Ireland 2005 link on the opening page for a twenty minute ride through East Cork and visit the land of our ancestors … Cloyne, Ballycotton, Shanagarry, Churchtown South. If you have never been to East Cork, you will after this tour!

June 2005

1. More photos uploaded.

2. Want to pronounce DORGAN (Ó Deargáin) in Irish just like your Great-Great-Grandfather did? Thanks to my Internet friend, Jerry Kelly … just click on the above link or anytime on the opening page.

3. And don’t forget to read the revised Opening Page describing the derivation and interpretation of the DORGAN name! Again, thanks to Jerry Kelly.

July 2005

1. Many family photos uploaded. Check out DORGAN Family Photos. Many albums have more than one page. Make sure you see them all! Feel free to add a comment to any of the photos. And while you’re at it … send me some photos of yourself or your family!

November 2005

1. My Internet friend, Jerry Kelly, an expert on “all things Irish” has contributed an essay describing The Ancient DORGAN Family. Jerry has been very gracious with his time and talent. I am honored to have his contribution prominently posted on page one of the DORGAN Family Website.

He begins his essay by stating:

“I’ve found out something about your family which I think is truly amazing and a testament to your ancestors’ absolute determination and persistence over the last 2,000 years.”

You must read this compelling story about the ancient DORGAN FAMILY!

2. I have updated the family Descendants of Michael Dorgan, brother of Patrick J. Dorgan, courtesy of Michael (“Mickey”) Dorgan of Cloyne, East Cork, Ireland. Mickey is the son of Liam Dorgan, who I visited in Ireland last April 2005. I did not meet Mickey at that time, but he has been a generous correspondent. Visit Mickey Dorgan’s family website.

3. I am updating the “Genealogy of the Decendants of Patrick Dargan” to include new family information gathered over the past few months. I have not yet finished editing this page, but wanted to bring it to your attention.

4. “The Chronological Descendants of Patrick Dargan and Ann Flynn” has been revised and updated. I have also included on this page a list of all the known surnames associated with the DORGAN descendants.

5. I have begun to update the “Kinship with Patrick Dorgan” Page to include new information gathered over the past few months.

6. I have labeled all of the DORGAN Headstones in Ireland. Make sure you read ALL these pages. There are four pages of gravestones.

March 2006

1.I have added a new page called “Early Dorgans“. I have now traced the family back to TIMOTHY DORGAN and his wife JOHANNA (1750-1823). They are the Grandparents of Patrick Dargan who married Ann Flynn and the Great Grandparents of PATRICK DORGAN who married MARY CATHERINE HARTNETT. The name TIMOTHY was given to the last child of PATRICK DORGAN and MARY CATHERINE HARTNETT. He died at 10 months old. Following the Irish Naming Pattern, TIMOTHY was named after his GG paternal Grandfather.

Name: Timothy Joseph DORGAN
Birth Date: 17 JUN 1902
Birth Place: Providence, RI
Death Date: 17 APR 1903 Age: Timothy Joseph Dorgan died at 10 months.
Death Place: Providence, RI
Baptized by: Rev. John Dunne, St. Patrick’s Church, Providence, RI, 29 June 1902
Sponsors: Michael Hartnett (Probably a cousin of Mary Catherine Hartnett) and Margaret Cunningham (unknown relationship).
Father: Patrick J. DORGAN (1860-1937)
Mother: Mary Catherine HARTNETT (1869-1950)

2. I have added the names of DORGANs transported to Australia for petty crimes, especially during “An Gorta Mor”, the Great Starvation (1840s-1850s).