Michael John SHINNICK
b: 18 DEC 1873
d: 25 JAN 1948

Michael John Shinnick died at 50 Phillips Avenue, Lynn, Massachusetts.

I looked up the baptizing priest and he is none other than "Patrick M. Lynch, Parish Priest of Cloyne from 1920-1935.

Here is what the Book of Cloyne, by Leabhar Chluain Uamha, says about him:

"He died 2 September 1935, and is buried in the adjoining cemetery, which grounds he had purchased a few years previously. A member of Cork Historical and Archaeological Society, he wrote a booklet Life of an Irish Sagart, a life of Fr. Bob Riordan, a remarkable priest of the early 19th century, which was published by the Irish Catholic Truth Society."

Tom Shinnick provided this information:

Excerpts from "The Shinnick Families 1830-1970"
By Helen Frances Shinnick

Michael John Shinnick ,born December 18, 1873, in Ballycatoo, Midleton, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland. His parents were John and Elizabeth (Dorgan) Shinnick. Michael was baptized in St. Colman's Church, Cloyne on December 20, 1873. Sponsors at the ceremony were Patrick and Nancy Dorgan.

Michael came to America on April 2, 1895 aboard the "Pavonia", a ship sailing from Liverpool, England on March 22, 1895. His occupation was listed as, farmer. He was sponsored by John Keefe, a man who brought many young men to America around that time.

Michael married Mary Olive Bansfield on June 7, 1900 in Lynn, Massachusetts. Mary was born on July 6, 1877 in Rockport, Massachusetts. Her parents were Thomas and Johanna (Fitzgerald) Bansfield.

Michael went to work in the quarries of Gloucester, Massachusetts with Mary's relatives. Later he worked for the Boston and Maine railroad. They moved to Lynn, Massachusetts sometime prior to April, 1901 when there first child was born. After retiring from the B&M Michael worked as a gardener for estates on the Annisquam peninsular in Gloucester.

Michael died January 1948 in Lynn and Mary passed away in 1951. They are interred at St Joseph's Cemetery, Lynn, Massachusetts. Two daughters Helen and Mary and one son John are also buried in this family plot.
  • 18 DEC 1873 - Birth - ; Ballycatoo, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
  • 20 DEC 1873 - Baptism - ; St. Colman’s Church, Cloyne, East County Cork, Ireland
  • 25 JAN 1948 - Death - ; Lynn, Massachusetts
  • 20 DEC 1873 - Baptised by: - ; Rev. Lynch, Parish Priest of St. Colman's, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland. Sponsors: Patrick Dorgan and Nancy Dorgan (Fl
ABT 1806 -
ABT 1852 - AFT 1887
Elizabeth FOREST
ABT 1810 -
Michael John SHINNICK
18 DEC 1873 - 25 JAN 1948
ABT 1820 - BEF 1886
Elizabeth DORGAN
FEB 1842 - AFT 1886
Johanna (Ann) (Nancy) FLYNN
ABT 1817 - 9 MAR 1895
Family Group Sheet - Child
BirthABT 1852Ballycatoo, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
DeathAFT 1887
Marriage20 FEB 1873to Elizabeth DORGAN at St. Colman’s Church, Cloyne, East County Cork, Ireland
FatherMichael SHINNICK
MotherElizabeth FOREST
BirthFEB 1842Carrigkilter, Ballintemple, East County Cork, Ireland
DeathAFT 1886
Marriage20 FEB 1873to John SHINNICK at St. Colman’s Church, Cloyne, East County Cork, Ireland
FatherPatrick DORGAN (DARGAN)
MotherJohanna (Ann) (Nancy) FLYNN
Birth18 JUL 1886Ballycatoo, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Death21 JAN 1967Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Marriage21 JAN 1915to Bridget O'KEEFFE at St. Colman's Church, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Birth23 SEP 1877Ballycatto, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Death10 MAR 1949Ballymacoda, Co. Cork, Ireland
Marriage15 FEB 1916to William CASHMAN
BirthABT 1879Ballycatto, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Death1954Lynn, Massachusetts
Marriageto Christopher CULLEN
MMichael John SHINNICK
Birth18 DEC 1873Ballycatoo, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Death25 JAN 1948Lynn, Massachusetts
Marriage7 JUN 1900to Mary Olive BANSFIELD at Sacred Heart Church, Lynn, Massachusetts
Birth1875Ballycatoo, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Death1941Lynn, Massachusetts
MarriageABT 1903to Mary A. SULLIVAN
Birth1880Ballycatoo, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Marriage1902to Ellen G. BANSFIELD
Birth1881Ballycatoo, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Death1948Holy Ghost Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Birth17 DEC 1883Ballycatoo, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
DeathJAN 1963Dedham, Massachusetts
Marriageto Mary MOONEY
Birth1884Ballycatoo, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Death1933Dedham, Massachusetts
Marriageto John GEARY
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
Birth18 DEC 1873Ballycatoo, Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland
Death25 JAN 1948 Lynn, Massachusetts
Marriage7 JUN 1900to Mary Olive BANSFIELD at Sacred Heart Church, Lynn, Massachusetts
MotherElizabeth DORGAN
Birth6 JUL 1877Rockport, Massachusetts
Death13 DEC 1951 Lynn, Massachusetts
Marriage7 JUN 1900to Michael John SHINNICK at Sacred Heart Church, Lynn, Massachusetts
FJohanna Lillian SHINNICK
Birth15 APR 190114 North Federal Street, Lynn, Massachusetts
Death25 JUL 1956Seamore Avenue, Lynn, Massachusetts
Marriage25 SEP 1927to Francis A. DAIGLE at Lynn, Massachusetts
Birth6 MAY 190214 North Federal Street, Lynn, Massachusetts
Death5 MAR 1988Union Hospital, Lynn, Massachusetts
Birth15 AUG 190314 North Federal Street, Lynn, Massachusetts
Death21 AUG 1943Lynn, Massachusetts
FElizabeth Louise SHINNICK
Birth22 SEP 190414 North Federal Street, Lynn, Massachusetts
Death5 JAN 1994Nahant, Massachusetts
Marriage22 SEP 1929to George Walter TRACEY at Lynn, Massachusetts
MRedmond Michael SHINNICK
Birth11 JUN 190614 North Federal Street, Lynn, Massachusetts
Death12 APR 1975Lynn, Massachusetts
Marriage11 OCT 1939to Margaret DOLAN at Lynn, Massachusetts
FHelen Frances SHINNICK
Birth30 AUG 190814 North Federal Street, Lynn, Massachusetts
Death10 MAY 1988Jesmond Hursing Home, Nahant, Massachusetts
MThomas Joseph SHINNICK
Birth7 MAR 191014 North Federal Street, Lynn, Massachusetts
Death15 JUL 1973Lynn Hospital, Lynn, Massachusetts
Marriage2 OCT 1937to Mary Ellen GRIMES at Sacred Heart Church, Lynn, Massachusetts
Descendancy Chart
Michael John SHINNICK b: 18 DEC 1873 d: 25 JAN 1948
Mary Olive BANSFIELD b: 6 JUL 1877 d: 13 DEC 1951
Johanna Lillian SHINNICK b: 15 APR 1901 d: 25 JUL 1956
Francis A. DAIGLE b: 11 FEB 1900 d: 3 MAR 1990
Francis J. DAIGLE , Jr. b: 12 SEP 1928
Joan Claire MASON b: 17 MAY 1931
Sue Ellen DAIGLE b: 19 NOV 1953
Colin W. GILLIS b: 14 FEB 1989
Justin S. GILLIS b: 23 MAY 1991
Stephen Mark DAIGLE b: 28 MAR 1957
Shiela Christine DAIGLE b: 4 JAN 1960
Robert W. DAIGLE b: 6 FEB 1930
Kathy FOLKS b: 15 APR 1935
Sharon Marie DAIGLE b: 25 APR 1955
Kevin Paul DAIGLE b: 11 NOV 1956
Theresa Lou DAIGLE b: 8 FEB 1958
Amanda Nichole LAVASSEUR b: 6 FEB 1996
Robert LAVASSEUR b: 22 MAR 1997
Johanna Gail DAIGLE b: 6 MAY 1960
Margaret Ann DAIGLE b: 27 APR 1962 d: 11 JUL 1968
Paul Charles DAIGLE b: 1 NOV 1934 d: 11 JUN 1979
Lillian Marie DAIGLE b: 1 NOV 1934
James Irving GREENE b: 13 NOV 1930
Matthew James GREENE b: 13 JUL 1956
James Brian GREENE b: 22 JUL 1960
Deborah Helen GREENE b: 22 JUN 1965
Jenifer Lawton WADE b: 15 JAN 1994
Kyle Jackop WADE b: 4 DEC 1996
Julia Marie GREENE b: 27 MAR 1969
John James ROBINSON b: 30 JAN 1932
Mary Esther SHINNICK b: 6 MAY 1902 d: 5 MAR 1988
John Leo SHINNICK b: 15 AUG 1903 d: 21 AUG 1943
Elizabeth Louise SHINNICK b: 22 SEP 1904 d: 5 JAN 1994
George Walter TRACEY b: 21 DEC 1903 d: 21 NOV 2005
Redmond Michael SHINNICK b: 11 JUN 1906 d: 12 APR 1975
Margaret DOLAN b: 26 JUN 1910 d: 20 MAY 1982
Helen Frances SHINNICK b: 30 AUG 1908 d: 10 MAY 1988
Thomas Joseph SHINNICK b: 7 MAR 1910 d: 15 JUL 1973
Mary Ellen GRIMES b: 6 SEP 1912 d: 26 AUG 1989
Bertha Louise WARD b: 9 AUG 1939
Joseph Thomas SHINNICK b: 15 JUN 1963
Kristin Marie COMET b: 26 JUN 1968
Mackenzie Marie SHINNICK b: 25 JUN 1999
Ashlyn Rene SHINNICK b: 10 JUL 2001
Stephen Ward SHINNICK b: 9 OCT 1964
Kathleen Emily MURPHY b: 15 MAR 1964
Maxwellaustin SHINNICK b: 30 NOV 1994
Bronwyn Stephanie SHINNICK b: 11 APR 1997
Cole Rolando SHINNICK b: 11 AUG 2000
Edward Albert SHINNICK b: 27 MAY 1940 d: 13 OCT 1999
Lorraine Frances BEATON b: 27 SEP 1939
Margaret Marie SHINNICK b: 7 JUN 1961 d: 8 OCT 1961
Lori Lee SWEETLAND b: 19 APR 1962
Colleen SHINNICK b: 17 APR 1992
Kimberly SHINNICK b: 12 JAN 1994
Meghan Kathleen SHINNICK b: 2 SEP 1999
James Michael SHINNICK b: 22 SEP 1963
Christopher Alexander SHINNICK b: 22 DEC 1964 d: 4 FEB 1965
Michele Marie SHINNICK b: 1 MAY 1968
Michele Marie SHINNICK b: 1 MAY 1968
Kayla SHINNICK b: 26 NOV 1989
David John SHINNICK b: 28 MAY 1971 d: 20 JUN 1988
John Arthur SHINNICK b: 22 FEB 1942 d: 20 JUN 1996
Michael Patrick SHINNICK b: 3 JAN 1946 d: 20 NOV 2002
Denise Marie MURRAY b: 30 OCT 1947
Duane Michael SHINNICK b: 22 JAN 1969
Christine PHILLIPS b: 16 FEB 1969
Zachary Michael SHINNICK b: 25 JUN 2003
Kyle Michael SHINNICK b: 2 MAY 1970
Kristen WILLIAMSON b: 7 AUG 1970
Caitlin Erin SHINNICK b: 3 AUG 1997
Courtney Nicole SHINNICK b: 13 MAY 2001
Ryan Michael SHINNICK b: 8 MAR 1974
Redmond Francis SHINNICK b: 6 JUL 1952 d: 6 APR 2016
Joy Lee AMSDEN b: 14 MAY 1953
Daniel Redmond SHINNICK b: 6 AUG 1976
Redmond Francis SHINNICK b: 30 SEP 2006
Kelley Anne SHINNICK b: 26 NOV 1977
Amythyst GODFREY b: 10 APR 1997