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John Lee nee Dargan John Lee nee Dargan wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:30 am:
Comments: My mothers family who come from Dublin are Dargans ,i live in Egham uk near Windsor
Neil James Dorgan Neil James Dorgan wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:29 am:
Comments: Outstanding site very informative
Emily Withrow (Joe Maguire's granddaughter) Emily Withrow (Joe Maguire's granddaughter) wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:28 am:
Comments: Great site! This is my first time really checking it out. It's so nice to have this resource. Great to share with my niece Ryana.
Tim Dargan Tim Dargan wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:28 am:
Comments: Very interested to find your website, Bill. Have so far traced my ancestry back to the Dargans of Darlington in South Carolina, USA. Would like very much to communicate more with you. Regards, Tim
Barbara Barbara wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:27 am:

Comments: Great Job!!! We spoke some years back. Your work is grand!!
Glen Dorgan Glen Dorgan wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:25 am:

Comments: Came across your web site with interest, as my wife and I are planning a trip to Ireland in October, and we are making plans to visit Ballydorgan. What can we expect to find there? I get the impression it's not an established town, but more so a township area.
matt dorgan matt dorgan wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:23 am:
my family originates from cork , currently living in birmingham england
David Clements David Clements wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:22 am:
I have only started looking into some family history in Cork and came across your site . What great site. I can only wish that I was part of the Dorgon family. I fully expect to able to use some of the information provided
alex dorgan alex dorgan wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:21 am:

My name is alexander william dorgan. I go by alex. my father was on your web page but me and my sister were not. my father's name is Kevin Michael, Jr. My sisters name is carly marie dorgan. please add us to your web page. thank you
test test from chennai wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:05 am:
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We reserve the right to edit, delete, or not publish entries.
team1 team1 wrote on October 27, 2016 at 11:03 am:
Name: Glen Dorgan Date: 2006-08-05

Comments: Came across your web site with interest, as my wife and I are planning a trip to Ireland in October, and we are making plans to visit Ballydorgan. What can we expect to find there? I get the impression it's not an established town, but more so a township area.

These are comments left by visitors to the DORGAN Website 2005


Nice to meet more DORGANs. My mother’s maiden name was DORGAN


My dad, Malachy Dargan, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, recently died on 27th November 2005. He was born on 19th May 1930. I have been on this site before and I am interested in the irish connection. I know Dromore. Co Down has a history of the Dargan name.


Theres quite a few of us Dargans here in Liverpool England where I live, as far as I know, one of my great grandfathers Jerimiah Dargan came over here from Killkenny during the Irish potato famine, i’m quite interested in my family history and if anyone has any additional information i’d be very gratefull. Also I dont know if you know but theres a statue in Dublin engraved Dargan, after William D…(trimmed)


Great website! I am the daughter of Michael Dorgan & Catherine Walshe of Cloyne who emigrated to Philadelphia in 1950. I can’t wait to show my mother your website, as she is the family historian and can go way back!!!!


Great info Bill. I am original from Dublin, but now living in Kildare.I tell my father, also Frank, about this site, he very interested in finding out new information about the family name


Excellent job! I am the the brother of Nina the cousin of Mickey and the nephew of Liam.. Thanks! for the hard work, that you put into all of this research…


I am trying to track some members of the Dargan/Dorgan family from around Kanturk County Cork. My grand uncle, John Dargan, emigrated to NY in 1897. He was a seaman around the 1920s. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Pat Daragn


Bill….BRILLIANT job! Thanx for sharing


The origins of your family name are fascinating. Lovely job on your site.


I love this very page, keep on the good work.


I am looking for my Dorgan ancestors that came from the Causeway, County Kerry area, Patrick H.Dorgan who married Mary Lumery and settled in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. You have a great set up here-an example, a pattern for the rest of us Dorgans!!! Thanks!


Nice to meet more DORGANs. My mother’s maiden name was DORGAN


Thanks Bill. What a great site.


great site as a native of churchtown south and domiciled in NY its like finding gold on the web.


nice site. starting to research my mother’s family name, we spelled it darrigan. my great grandfather was maurice darrigan, came to newfoundland, canada from ireland mid 1800’s. any connection?


my grandfather inchicore ,dublin ireland his name was james hartnett one of his sons a james hartnett played for Stpats and weny on to play for middlesbourough and hartlepool soccer my mothers name was chrisse hartnett /Ilike your webb page and will visit again.


Bill: We should chat!! Bill


I found you site really interesting, I came across it while searching for info on my fathers family who are mostly from Ballymacoda.


Wonderful site and very informative


Nice site keep it up.


Hi Bill, well done on your interesting and invaluable website. I came upon it as I was searching for my family and it brought up Sponsors: Thomas Smiddy (Ballybraher) and Mary Healy but I was unable to find them on your site. Were they sponsors for any of you extended family? Regards Ann


Cerco la mia origine. Qualquno mi auti!


hi again is fab since u got back “home”.look forward to seeing u again soon.


The “Dorgan” History/Legacy is nearly old as time itself, once traced it to around 890AD. Think the origins are from the Highlands of Scot…could be wrong though.


Thank You Sir for you offer to sign your guest book. I am happy you found all your people. Still Searching James J Hartnett. RE:- Son of James Joseph Hartnett. Grandfather James Joseph Hartnett, Great Grandfather – James Joseph Hartnett. Moroe – Limmerick


Hi Bill – I’m Liam’s son (Garryowen, Cloyne) – sorry to have missed you on your trip – maybe next time. Great Website.


Thanks for the interesting info


The web site is great. I am enjoying learning more about my family to pass down to my daughter. Thanks and keep up the good work.


Great Site! I have just started exploration of my ancestory and this is the best site found so far. My great grandfather, Dennis Dorgan, immigrated from County Cork to Boston around 1850 to 1855. His parents’ names were Edmund and Mary Dorgan of County Cork.




Good Site!


Congratulations on the new layout. Keep it up to date as a celebrity 🙂


Where are the updates? i cant seem to find them. But anyway, nice job.


i just started looking in to what my name meant for my a coat of arms im not yet sure if are trees cross but you have whats called around here as the Dorgan ears i loved the site and will show it to my little girl Stephanie R.E. Dorgan thanks


I am Carl Dorgan, Son of James J Dorgan. This is the guy who left East Cork, and moved to the 2Big Smoke” — Dublin. You met my cousin, Martin Godfrey, in East Cork. Anyway, if you want to contact me, you have my e-mail address. Cheers, Carl.


Comhghairdeachas leat, a Liam. Tá suíomh iontach agat. Go n-éirí gach rud leat.


Love and Best Wishes all the way.




Great site!!


Nice job Billie. But where did all your hair go? Great site.


Thanks for your work and the information


Nice website! Hello -from the relatives in South Africa


Cheesus me Lad, this web page is fantastic!


Dear Bill, Your name was of interest to me as our family had a Bill Dorgan too. He passed away several years ago and had no children (he married in his 60’s). “Billy” was the son of one of my mother’s relatives (Mary Hoar, I believe one of her grandfather’s cousins). I checked your relative list and found a Hoar there. Billy lived in the northern Massachusetts (Lawrence). I wonder if there i…(trimmed)


Great site! I discovered your site through Tom Shinnick.I was shocked to find my name listed under “Descendants”. I’m planning to visit Cloyne in June. Great timing! Much thanks to you and to Tom.


Thanks so much for bringing back my own memories of Ireland. I just love your site. Great job!! Looking at the Shannon airport brought this huge smile to my face… Once again THANKS!


Beautiful job with the Photojam – you got some really great pictures!


What a delightful surprise to find your remarkably well-done file! I hope I can find more about my Cork antecedents. I’ll be back for another visit soon.


Thanks Bill for all your hard work! I am currently in Southern Maine with relatives throughout New England. Keep up the good work!


I thought that you would call this site What a great picture from 1966 — I understand that all the guys at Carmel Hamilton in the class of 1966 were smart and good looking. Can you confirm that? Question: how can you be so good at geneology when you were so bad in Greek class?


Greetings from an O’Dwyer (on my mother’s side) of County Limerick! Really enjoyed your Cork2005 pictures!


Just love your site. Will use it as a guideline for my COYNE family. Thanks


Wonderful site. Enjoyed the concise time line history. Photos are great. Also loved photo jam. I will be back to visit in more detail


Wonderful! Although my family is from Counties Meath, Louth, Carlow and Dublin I love all of Ireland and have visited your area many times.


Great site. Thank you.


Had a great trip to Ireland couple of years back……these photos ensure we’ll be back !!


Wonderful site…


Well Done Bill,Excellent site,very informative and well researched.Keep up the great work. Regards from Ireland.


Very nice family site you have here. If I could only find that much information on my Kissane’s who came her in 1873.


Bill, Enjoyed your site.


Hi Bill. I,m a kiwi Dorgan living in Wellington New Zealand.My Grandfather arrived here about 1905 and worked as a cop until he was shot on duty in 1921. Will enjoy your site


Our family was from Cloyne. You have done a really good job here . Thank You


Well done


What a beautiful job you have done with your photos. I enjoyed the trip! Blessings, Jeanine, NJ


Great site. My family came from Ballyshannon,Donegal I love the pictures


I am originally from Newfoundland,Canada,with ancestry in Cork and other parts of Ireland. I am in the process of investigating the Dalton’s and Power families in Ireland,have overdone the Nfld families. I loved your pictures and totally in awe of the similarities between Nfld and Ireland,not only the landscape but the people. Made me feel as if I were at home…….WONDERFUL.


The Donovans are linked to the Hartnetts somehow but I haven’t fathomed it out yet. PJD


Great photo-journey around East Cork. Well done. My family are Olliffe, from the locality. Michael


Great web site! Enjoyed the photos & will use the entire site as a model. Family stories have the paternal line coming from Carrigaline but have not been able to confirm this to date.


What a fantastic website! It is such a delightful mix of scholarly research and light hearted family moments, beautifully presented. An inspiration! So many good ideas for the lay out and all the historical and geographical background that I am sure will give us all ideas for our own sites. Well done, Bill! A labour of love! best wishes, Moira (researching FORDE of Bandon, Cloyne and Ballycotton …(trimmed)


I find this site great. My grandparents and all thier children are buried in Macroom, They are OSullvans and I cannot trace any of thier line, I keep hitting brick walls as the saying gos but keep up your work and I enjoy your wesite


My mother was a Keefe born in Little Dover, Guysboro county, NS, canada. Oral history has it her great grand father James keefe b abt 1800 was from County cork. Does any one know if the keefe name is fromm that part of Ireland.


I greatly enjoyed your site , and especially the photo jam. My Grandmother was from Cork, Ladysbridge Parish Diocese of Cloyne. The name was Hyde.Thanks again


Thank Goodness I found an extra 30 minutes to view your photos of your last trip to Ireland. I was spellbound. Great job!


Why should I pay someone to find information for me,when Bill gives it out free. This site is like going to the movies, you want to watch it again and again. Keep it up Bill. Ed.


Thanks for a wonderful “phantasy trip” to Ireland!


Bill – What a wonderful, enjoyable site. Your research is an inspiration. I am the gggrandaughter of Maurice Hartnett b.c.1815 in Cork (daughter, Mary b.Iowa). Still searching, and your info is a great boost. Thanks.


lovely to meet you is fantastic.have a safe trip home and we will drink a few pints of the black stuff together again.slan leat.


I’ve really enjoyed going through your web site. Awesome work Bill. I enjoyed the personal stories very much. Truly I keep hoping your Dorgans and mine from Cork City will connect soon ! thanks for staying in touch, and keep up the fab work. Emma from (Waterloo, Ontario)


This is an genealogy for the ages! Complete and scholarly; breathtaking tales of the Dorgan Irish family and ancestral times — and your own personal life has certainly added to the stories that will be passed on from generation to generation!


Such an impressive web site ~ so very proud of you and your extensive research.


congratulation Bill.Very nicely put together.the pictures from the past and your family. specialy the baby pictures are funny.Well put together very impressive.keep up the good work my friend,and have good time in Ireland, your friend el cubanito.Frank


Nice look to the site. Great links. Keep up the good work! I am also a descendant of families that migrated to Rhode Island. Roger Williams is in the line of my clan that are descended from Owen Williams from Bala,Wales. The other one is the Gorham family. I will chime in again. Mic Brewer


Tucson Dorgan


Great site. Thank you for the work you are doing.


This is a great Website. I love reading about fammily.


Bill, can you connect Mary Catherine Hartnett to the English Hartness?


Wonderful site. Hope you find lots more ancestors to add to the list during your trip to Ireland. Hopefully Dorgan is a rarer name than McCarthy and O’Keefe!!


Best “NEW” Cousin I ever met. Luv you Bill.


Congratulations Bill on your website! It is the consecration of your passion for the Dorgan family history. From my home in France, I was glad to help you finding out more about Michael Joseph’s branch. Enjoy soon your trip to Ireland on the trail of your ancestors!


Formaldehyde! That’s his secret! A glass a day! Site looks great, and you do, too!


Fantastic Family site, Bill! Enjoyed it! I, too, have been working on my family genealogy and will use some of your ideas when I put it all together. Your family will surely enjoy it!


Thank you for the beautiful and thorough work you did on the Dorgan Family. My children are quite excited to have this available to them.


Any room in your suitcase for me and I can look up my family history too!!


We toured Ireland last summer. If you have half the time we did, you’ll have a fabulous time. Quite an impressive web site.


Great work Bill! I need to do this for the Will family.


Thank you so much for all your hard work. I love your webite!


My family is kind of based out of the Michigan area. I currently reside in AZ. I know a bunch of Dorgan’s we should talk


I really like the site. It is well organized and easy to follow. Love the colors. Wish I was looking for Dorgans!


Great job. I’m hoping that we find other Shinick/Dorgan connections. Good hunting..


the family resemblance is obvious. you look like my uncle kevin!N.Z. has been slowly populated by a finite number of colonists, so i guess the resemblance has not been split too many times. From what I hear, most of the N.Z. Dorgans are from good catholic stock. The family tale from childhood is of my great grandfather who was a p.c. in Timaru and was shot dead at the back of a shop that was supp…(trimmed)


Hi there, what a great website. I’m Joe Maguire’s daughter, I live in LaConner, Washington, my Aunt Pat Maguire forwarded this to me. Just one correction. My dad, Joe (Anne Theresa’s son) died in April, 2002. He lived long enough to see a great-grandchild, Ryana Sobocinski, my daughter Andrea’s child. Thanks again, I will keep checking back.


Keep digging…the treasures are there.


Great work Bill! Keep it going!


Bill, it looks wonderful, and so do you. Best of the Irish to ya.


Great looking site – and it’s amazing!! You’ve hardly changed since 1966.


Well Done, Bill.


You haven’t changed in 38 years! What a handsome lad!


Bill, I’m impressed! This took a lot of work.


Nothing else to do with your days – Search the Monteiros!


Looks great. Can hardly wait to see it all.


Fascinating history! Can’t wait to sit down and chat, I am sure you have uncovered great stories. Merry Christmas!


A wonderful job.


Bill, spent about an hour on the site,absolutely wonderful. Bless you for your years of research.Most exciting!!! Fran


Nicely done, good man!


Congratulations, Bill on your Site. I will be keeping in close contact. Vince


Proud to be your “Cousin Margaret”!


Looking good ,Its a good start ,can’t wait to saee it finished


The colors sure catch the eyes.I’m sure with the info you have, will fill the website. Best of luck of the Irish. Ed.


Site looks great!


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